Chiropractic and Children

.DOCTORS OF CHIROPRACTIC  do not just treat adults. They treat all ages.   At our clinic, we want our patients to be educated and informed as to why chiropractic is needed for all ages.  Some people wonder why would an infant or child need chiropractic care?  It actually goes back to the birth process.  The birth process puts a lot of strain on the newborn's spine.  It's an incredible fact that 40-50 pounds of pressure can be exerted on the infant's neck during the birth process.  The baby's head is forced to rotate 90 degrees at times while contractions squeeze their small frame.  This stress, combined with the weight of the baby's head, puts considerable pressure on the neck, spine, nerves and muscles. Often times a mother gives birth on her back--facing up.  In this particular position, the mother has to work against gravity.  The baby must ascend up and out of the birth canal. This causes the doctor  or assistant to use his/her hands to pull the baby's head out or to use a vacuum extractor which can cause spinal irritation among other problems. Even the position of the fetus/baby as it grows puts stress/strain on the spine. It's a cramped space! Babies that are delivered C-section are not exempt from also having stress on their little spines.


  • Reflux/spitting up a lot
  • colic/irritability
  • sleeping difficulty
  • flat or asymmetrical head shape
  • constipation 
  • torticollis (baby's head tilts to one side or they prefer to look in one direction)
  • ear infections
  • difficulty nursing (impaired sucking/swallowing or head positioning)... and others. 



First, do your research and  find a chiropractor that is known for treating infants/children.  They are not all created equal. There are many chiropractors out there who even specialize in it.  The doctor will be checking for misalignments  in the spine and just checking overall health of your baby.  One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that the infant adjustment is similar to an adult adjustment. That is very incorrect!  It is a very gentle treatment.  Oftentimes, the baby even sleeps through it. A skilled chiropractor will only  use the amount of pressure that you would use to comfortably push on your eye; or the pressure you would exert on a tomato to check its ripeness. The goal of the adjustment is to have a positive effect on the nervous system allowing the body to have a greater capacity for healing itself. Keep in mind that 99% of newborns have cervical (neck) subluxations.  A subluxation is a bone out of position putting pressure on a nerve. Chiropractors remove that nerve interference; very gently. 

If your baby is manifesting anything we've addressed here, please give us a call.  We treat many many newborns,  babies, toddlers, children,  and teens---with great results.  And we'd love to help you too!


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