"Last year I was having a lot of pain in my feet when walking.  I would wake up and the first steps out of bed were excruciating.  As such I was moving less and less, my weight increased because I had no activity.  This made my feet hurt more, a vicious circle.  I would walk less than 1,000 steps a day, just enough to get to my desk at work and back home.  One day at my regular appointment I mentioned it to Dr. Shera and she identified it as Plantar Fasciitis.  She adjusted my feet to correct alignment and explained some stretches to do.  With the changes and adding steps into my day (which did hurt at first) I got more movement, then they stated to hurt less and less.  Fast forward to 4th of July vacation that I just returned from, 7 days in DC/Virginia spent sightseeing- all walking.  35,000+ steps one day and several 15-20,000.  No Plantar Fasciitis pain!  Blisters, sore feet but no excruciating pain.  Thank you Dr. Shera!"

~ Vicki K

"My first experience with Spinal Disc Decompression was in 2008 when my back would lock up on me and I would have pain for most of the day. My back was good for awhile, but then in September of 2011 it started to lock up again, especially while getting in and out of my car. So, I have been dealing with the pain in my lower back for about 3 years now.

The treatment in 2008 worked so well for me, that I knew the decompression was what I needed again this time around.After a few treatments, I now have no problems! The care was great and the staff was awesome. I would recommend this treatment to others, and I have talked to some of my friends with back problems already."

-Steven K., Milwaukee, WI

"I started Spinal Disc Decompression in August of 2011 after years of pain. Initially when I started the treatment program, I had a pain level of 7/10. The pain would start in my lower back and radiate down the back of my leg. I tried other treatment options including pain medications and even injections without relief.

After going through treatments on the DRX9000, my pain virtually went away. I would have occasional days where the pain would come back, so Dr. Kerwin set up an extended plan for me. I decided to continue with a few more treatments, and I am now able to do most of the things that I want to do without the pain restricting me.

Decompression has helped me get through my days pain-free. The staff was excellent and I would recommend this treatment option to others."

-John S., Greenfield, WI

"Overall, I’ve had pain for a number of years. The pain had gotten worse since my fall on my back onto the cement in June of 2011. I had an MRI in August and it showed a few disc issues, so I decided to seek the help of Dr. Kerwin and the DRX9000.

After finishing the treatment program for disc decompression, I am able to bend down easier. I can also walk further before my legs start to get tired. I still have times of “stiffness,” usually in the morning when I get out of bed. Occasionally, I will also have some of that stiffness if I have been lying down for awhile or sitting in the same position for too long.

My care at this facility, as well as the staff, was good. I would recommend this to family and friends looking for alternative treatment options for back pain."

-Eileen C., Greenfield, WI

"I’ve started to have pain since May of this year. The pain was very sharp and would frequently go into my elbow and hands. The only other treatments that I had, since I found out I had herniated discs, were pain medication, physical therapy and acupressure. Those treatments just didn’t seem to correct the problem or give me the relief I was looking for.

Overall, the care at Associates In Spinal Relief was great. Everyone was helpful and considerate of my injury. I always felt like a person…not a number. The staff was fabulous!!

After doing the decompression treatments, my strength came back in my right arm and I have no more pain at all in the right arm.
I feel like I have made a great choice in trying decompression first, before going ahead with surgery. I’m not 100%, but hopefully with maintenance and strengthening exercises I could improve my strength in my left arm and the pain will go away."

-Jane A., Milwaukee, WI

"I have been having pain for about 10 years now. I feel like I’ve tried everything! I’ve been through physical therapy, I went to a pain management clinic, received shots, tried exercise and I even had surgery! I felt out of options until talking with Dr. Kerwin about spinal disc decompression.

The overall care at this clinic was excellent. It is by far the BEST medical and educational care I’ve ever received. The education, care and compassion I’ve experienced through Dr. Kerwin, Dr. Dana, and the entire staff was life-changing for me.

Decompression of my lower lumbar spine has transformed my life. Prior to treatment, I had numbness and tingling down my legs and arms. After the decompression treatments, my symptoms are gone and I can now exercise 5-6 days per week.

Dr. Kerwin is the best chiropractor I’ve had the pleasure to work with on my road to a pain-free life. Dr. Dana and every single staff member of Dr. Ken’s were amazing.

Decompression of my lower lumbar spine has allowed me to get back to my exercise routine. I now can kayak, swim, bike ride and lift light weights without pain.

Associates In Spinal Relief provides the most comprehensive pain management care available in this area.Chiropractic, physical therapy, decompression, massage and nutritional consultations are just a few services that they provide at their clinic."

-Karen W., Franklin, WI

"I’ve had lower back issues and pain shooting down both of my legs since March of 2010. I’ve had a cortisone shot and tried physical therapy without getting the results I really wanted, and I still had numbness in my feet. I had a consultation with Dr. Kerwin in January 2011 where he went over my MRI’s and treatment options with me, and I decided that I would give disc decompression a try.

After starting the spinal decompression treatments at this excellent facility, I was able to stand and walk longer with less pain after just a couple treatments. I saw steady improvement with each treatment and my pain level went from a 6/10 with numbness and tingling in my feet down to a 1/10 without any of the numbness! Now I can finally stand without pain and I can even walk further before my legs give out.

The staff at Associates In Spinal is top notch. They are very friendly, accommodating, and overall just wonderful. They are a great working team that gave me personal care that made me feel cared about.

I would absolutely recommend this treatment to others. Thank you! Thank you!"

-Michele L.T., Brookfield, WI

"I have had neck pain since my early teen years. I've tried other chiropractors, I got shots in my neck and I've used different medications to help with my pain and numbness.

Overall, my spinal decompression care as well as the staff has been awesome! I can now look down and turn my headwithout getting the sensation of whiplash.

Thank you! You have been a blessing to me and I will recommend this treatment to others!"

-Kelli U., Germantown, WI

"After approximately 7 months of back pain and other chiropractors trying to help fix me, I decided to give Associates In Spinal Relief and spinal decompression a try. My pain level went down to zero out of 10! The staff was very personable and helpful. I would definitely recommend Associates In Spinal Relief and disc decompression to others."

-D.Y., Milwaukee, WI

"I have had pain off and on for decades. There was constant pain last year and a half with my sciatica gradually getting worse. I was told by a different chiropractor that he could do nothing more for me; then I sat down with Dr. Kerwin and he explained the DRX9000 and how spinal decompression could help me and my condition. I once again had hope that I could be in less pain.

After my spinal decompression treatments I could stand and walk longer before the pain sets in. The pain is even less intense than before.

This treatment is definitely something that I would tell other people about as an option for pain relief. It helped me so much and the caring staff was excellent. Overall I was very pleased with my care and this wonderful facility."

-D. P., Milwaukee, WI

"I have been dealing with my back pain for over 40 years! I have tried multiple different types of therapies including: acupuncture and massage, but nothing made the pain and numbness go completely away.

I really didn't feel like doing anything before when I got hurt. My treatment at Associates In Spinal Relief was GREAT! Things are finally starting to feel better. I can move and bend now.

The staff is very nice. They listen to what's the problem. I would recommend this treatment of spinal decompression to others."

-M.K., Milwaukee, WI

"My neck pain problem started back in 2006. The pain was so bad and I would get tingling and numbness in my hands. I was going to physical therapy back then for a few months. It went okay, but the pain would always come back.

Now after the decompression treatments I can sleep better, I can move, I can even turn my head from left to right and up and down. My hands no longer go numb and I am not taking Aleve every day to get by. I am about 90% better from when I started. My treatments really helped.

Everything was excellent with my experience, from the staff to the overall care at this facility. I have already recommended this treatment to others! This was something I was looking for. Thank you!"

-L.C., Greenfield, WI

"I have had back pain for 1 ½ - 2 years and I feel like I have tried everything to get rid of the pain including: physical therapy, shots, chiropractic and muscle relaxers.

It wasn’t until I started the disc decompression that I felt like something has helped me. My mornings used to be so bad that I had to take an Aleve every day. Now, I look forward to waking up, I’m not in such horrible pain, I’m not bent over and I can move more freely.
The staff was friendly; they always asked how I was doing and if there was anything that they could do for me. I would recommend this clinic and this decompression treatment to anyone. I started with a 10+ pain level and it’s now down to a 2 or 3. Any treatment that can do that, I would recommend to everyone suffering from low back pain."

-C. Komassa, Milwaukee, WI

"I have experienced both mild and severe mid-back pain for over twenty years. I have been too many chiropractors in a variety of cities (Platteville, Whitewater, Madison, Middleton, Waterloo, Watertown, Oconomowoc, Lake Mills, and Jefferson) over the years. In addition to that I have been in the emergency room five times when the pain became unbearable. Physical therapy has also played a significant part in my recovery over the years. Recovery however has been intermittent and the pain returns at the oddest times. I continue to be active, I bike, play softball, cut wood, do yard work, work out on the bow flex, stretch, hunt, fish, split wood, and more. My mid-back seems to go out reaching for the milk or something ridiculous like that. My point in sharing all of this is simply that I “get it” when it comes to understanding what chronic and severe back pain is. I know how much it can affect your life.

About two years ago, for the first time, my lower back started giving me problems. I went to my local chiropractor and utilized a high quality physical therapist. The results were decent but not great. The treatment took a long time but never truly took care of the issue.

A few months ago, my low back went out on me again. I was in significant pain and walking like I was 85 years old! (As a side note: At least this time it was not from something like reaching for the milk, sneezing, or bending over; I was playing basketball in the driveway against my 18 year old son. He blocked a shot. The reason for the pain at least saved me my dignity! I learned my lesson there!!)
I contacted Dr. Kerwin and set up an appointment. After an MRI I learned that I had a slightly bulged disc and a slight tear in another disc. Dr. Kerwin and his wonderful staff set me up with decompression therapy. I must admit that I was skeptical at first. I read the brochure in the waiting room. The theory behind decompression made sense to me. Dr. Kerwin’s discussion with me supported what I read and provided a deeper explanation. He answered all of my questions. The staff (Melanie in particular) also demonstrated to me their knowledge of the theory and the therapy of decompression. I mention Melanie’s name specifically simply because she is who worked with me the most and she demonstrated a genuine care for my recovery. All showed care and offered a smile and a “how are you” on every visit. This is not common in my experience in most health/medical field offices. The staff is not among the best I have experienced, but is the best I have experienced. The care at the facility was excellent.

My recovery was quick and I was up walking around and active in a very short period of time. Before the treatment it took my wife 15 minutes to help me out of my truck. I had difficulty standing upright just to do simple tasks like brushing my teeth. Within two weeks I noticed significant improvement. By the fourth week of treatment I was riding my bike again. I am using the bow flex again. I am stretching without pain. I am even shooting with my bow which is a motion that gave me great difficulty in the past. In fact, I experience zero pain. I waited to type this letter for four weeks after full recovery to see if it continued…and I am pleased to say it has.

I highly recommend decompression therapy, Dr. Kerwin, and his caring staff to anyone. I say this without reservation. My only regret is that I found the therapy sessions so relaxing that I miss the visit.

The letter serves as a thank you to the entire staff and as a testimonial for others to benefit from such care. You may use it as you wish!"

-M. Rollefson, Jefferson, WI

"After 2 years of upper back and neck pain without any relief, I went to get an MRI. The results showed multiple bulging discs at different levels in my neck.

I started treatment on the decompression table in July with a lot of pain in my neck running along my arm and reaching into the hand occasionally. The pain was so bad that it was a 10/10 for most of the day. After the first treatment, the pain was reduced to a 7/10. Then after a week my pain was down to a 1/10! Overall my pain has been greatly reduced.

The staff, and my overall care at Associates in Spinal Relief, has been excellent. I would recommend this treatment to anyone."

-T. Lalasz, Milwuakee, WI

"My pain started in August 2009. I felt this strange stabbing down the backside of my right leg. Each week I could notice it slowing getting worse and worse. I had 3 epidural injections and was on countless pain meds, all of which didn’t work or take the pain away. No one seemed to want to help my pain go away, then I did research and found Dr. Kerwin and his staff.

The decompression treatment and this clinic saved my life. I’m very active outdoors and before treatment, I couldn’t lean forward at the sink just to brush my teeth. Every movement I made was painful. I couldn’t sit, walk, and stand without intense pain. Only 2 months later and I’m walking normally and can sit for as long as I want – Brewer games here I come!

Everyone here was so kind and understanding that my pain was real. Each person I encountered would ask me how I was doing and really seemed to care about my well being. They listened and understood about my pain and were confident I would recover – and they were right. The staff here is top notch. Each person here was an important role in my treatment, care and recovery from this pain. I felt like part of the family. I can’t thank them enough!

I would absolutely recommend this treatment and this specific clinic to anyone with back pain. I have and will continue to sing their praises for as long as it’s heard.

I want to show my gratitude to these wonderful people for helping me when 6 other doctors/clinics just “passed the buck.” Nothing I can think of to give the clinic - flowers, breakfast, etc. just wouldn’t speak the volume of thanks enough. They saved my life!"

-D. Laster, West Allis, WI

"I have had back pain for 12 years now and I have gone through 4 different back surgeries, all without pain relief. I initially came into Associates In Spinal Relief at about 10% mobility, and I can now walk without a cane and I feel like I am running around 80-85% of normal. My overall care at this facility has been outstanding. I felt that the people that work here actually care about what they do and helped me feel at ease. I have already told many people about this treatment and I will continue my recommendations for the decompression program."

-D. Szymanski, Milwaukee, WI

"I have been dealing with my low back pain for about 5 or 6 years now. I have tried physical therapy numerous times and over the counter pain medication for temporary relief. I had been pursuing decompression treatment for over a year, but I needed to make sure the timing was right. It wasn't until starting decompression that I started to see my pain subside, and I am very grateful that I did this treatment. Decompression has changed my life. I feel that I can more freely and without fear of injury. It has given me a more positive outlook on the future and a more positive attitude. My overall care was very good. The staff was fun and friendly and that made me look forward to each appointment. I would recommend this treatment to anyone."

-V. Jovic, Milwaukee, WI

"In 2007, I was struck in a hit and run while walking on the sidewalk and since that time I have been experiencing neck and back pain. I have gone through spinal decompression for my lower back in 2009 with great success and I knew that this was going to be the route that I needed to take to get rid of the pain in my neck and arm.
My lower back pain was at a 10/10 and the pain was so severe that I needed to take a Vicodin just to sleep. After disc decompression my pain level went to 0/10 and I have been pain-free in my lower back ever since.

More recently, I have been experiencing neck pain due to arthritis. Spinal decompression has helped me to the point whereI can play my accordion again. Before these treatments, my hand and fingers would go numb and I could not feel the keys. Now I can move my fingers along the keys with ease.

My overall care at this facility has been excellent and I really mean that! The staff has been excellent and has done a great job of making sure I was comfortable throughout the entire treatment.

I have been very satisfied with the amount of success I have had with both sets of treatments, for my lower back and neck. I recommend this treatment to anyone that hasn’t had success with any other pain relief methods. It has helped me tremendously!"

-L. B., Milwaukee, WI

"In 2007, I had an MRI that showed that I had 4 bulging discs in my lower back. I had back surgery in 2008, and I just never felt like my back was 100%.

I started my Spinal Decompression care on April 26th for the treatment of pain near my tailbone. The pain was so bad, that it was 9/10 for almost the entire day from when I woke up to when I went to bed. I was a roofer and I had to quit work due to the amount of pain that I was in. Since finishing my treatment plan, I have been pain free for an entire week so far!

My back is very good and I am able to do everything I used to before my back started hurting, my neighbor even wants me to help her put in a new door. Overall, I am very pleased, I got very good treatment and the office staff was good too. I cannot complain!"

-Dan B., Milwaukee, WI

"Before the DRX9000, I could not bend over at all. My pain was severe and constant. As a full time Firefighter and Paramedic for over 19 years, I needed some sort of alternative help. At 41 years old, and 14 years to go before retirement,surgery was not an option for me. I have seen firsthand too many time's, young firefighters leave the profession on disability. This is something that I wanted to avoid. I started getting relief after the first two weeks. Now that I am almost done with treatment, I can almost do anything that I want to pain free. Thank you Dr. Kerwin and staff at Associates in Spinal Relief, for giving me my life back."

-S. Gillard, New Berlin, WI

"My back started to bother me in 1995, at that time I was treated with muscle relaxers and pain pills. In September of 2007 my back got worse and I was told after an MRI, I had 2 herniated discs. I couldn't even walk because of the pain.After seeing Dr. Kerwin, we started the decompression therapy and after the 6th treatment I was feeling much better, I could stand longer and walk a little farther than before. I was feeling more energy and I no longer take pain pills or muscle relaxers. After the last treatment, I have no pain and I can play with my grand-kids and hold them again. Thank you DRX9000, Dr. Kerwin, and staff at Associates in Spinal Relief."

-T.Geboy, Milwaukee, WI

"Before my treatments at Associates in Spinal Relief, I had severe pain in my back. Now, after finishing treatments, I can do more activities that I haven't been able to do in years, like scrubbing my floors. I got my energy back!"

-G. Weber, Milwaukee, WI

"Fifteen years ago, I had an MRI taken and was diagnosed with a Herniated/Bulging disc. At that time the only alternative I had besides surgery was to see a physical therapist. The exercises did very little to relieve the pain but I had learned to deal with it all those years. A year ago I began seeing a pain management doctor and had another MRI. This time I received four cortisone shots, which did absolutely nothing to help relieve the pain. I was advised to see a surgeon, which in my mind was not going to happen. I had heard about Spinal Decompression therapy and decided to look into it and give it a try. To my amazement after completing 20 treatments, my pain level has been reduced by at least 90%. I have become more active in my everyday life and have been able to perform activities I have not been able to do before."

-Mike A., Brown Deer, WI

"I had tried physical therapy and cortisone injections for two bulging discs. I talked to Dr. Kerwin and it was decided that I would be a good candidate for Non-Surgical Disc Decompression. After the 1st set of treatments, I still had some discomfort. After a follow-up MRI it was revealed that I had another bulging disc. I had a 2nd set of treatments and the machine did the job. I can't thank Dr. Kerwin and his staff enough for fixing these discs. In all it was about 13 weeks of treatment but well worth the wait, considering the alternative. I highly recommend to anyone who has bulging discs to go ahead and have these treatments. It's better than surgery!"

-M. Urban, Oconomowoc, WI

"My treatment at this office was for my spine. I had treated with Physical therapy at 2-3 different places, but never with any results. I took pain killers and didn't have pain, but when I stopped taking them the pain and pressure were worse. I have suffered with this pain since November 2004. Before this treatment, I could hardly stand or walk. After the first treatment, it felt like a mountain was lifted off my shoulders. The treatment was gentle and painless. God sent these people to help me. I want to thank the people who made this machine, especially this office and the staff. May god bless them and their families. I would recommend this to other people."

-Amnouay D., Milwaukee, WI

"After treatments of Disc Decompression, I am again able to walk and exercise without pain. For 3-4 years, my level of pain had been between a 4 and 7 almost 100% of the time. After treatment I have no back or leg pain half of the time, the other half of the time I am only achy, due to other health issues. This is absolutely a blessing. I am thrilled with my progress and forever thankful to have had the opportunity to feel so good again. I would definitely recommend Non-Surgical Disc Decompression over surgery - better results and less trauma. Thanks to the wonderful staff for taking such good care of me and for individually giving me what I needed."

-T. Hassman, Wauwatosa, WI

"I came to see Dr. Kerwin because I had a herniated disc. After seeing doctors that gave me pain medication and 3 spinal injections, I had no relief for my pain. I started seeing Dr. Kerwin, after 10 visits I no longer needed pain medication, after 14 visits I went back to work part-time. Now after 20 visits I no longer feel pain in my leg."

-Michael J., Milwaukee, WI

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