Therapeutic Exercise in Greenfield WI

Therapeutic Exercise in Greenfield WI

One thing that sets chiropractors apart from other health care professionals is their holistic view of the body. Instead of dividing the body into its various systems and functions, the chiropractic profession views the body as a whole with each system being mutually dependent on the other. To accomplish this, our doctors at Associates in Spinal Relief not only address bony misalignments to ensure proper nervous system function, but also provide information on diet, exercise, and healthy living in general. This article will concentrate on various therapeutic exercises that you can incorporate into your care.

Have you ever stopped to think what you could be doing to assist your chiropractor with the care they are providing? After all, you only typically spend an hour or so of one day with your doctor at Associates in Spinal Relief. What are you doing the other 23 hours and on the days your not at the clinic? This time, if used properly, can greatly assist your care. In fact, it has been shown through various studies that therapeutic exercise can increase the benefit you receive from your adjustments as much as 25-45%. These benefits can include; quicker recovery time, less visits to the doctor, and a lower chance of the injury occurring again.

During your treatment plan, the doctors may decide to incorporate some stretches and exercises to help advance your healing. The goals of therapeutic exercise are to improve ranges of motion in the affected area, reduce muscle spasms and trigger points, and ease activities of daily living.

You should not start an exercise program until you ask a professional for their help in developing a plan to best suit your goals and condition.

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